Staging Rental and Production

BEW Roof Prep
Wilmington Flower Market Roof Load In
5th Street Fiesta in North Philadelphia
Methodist Hospital Fashion Show Fundraiser


Elevate yourself with a staging package from BEW

Stages are needed for all sorts of events and can really set your event apart from the rest. Imagine being fifty feet back in the audience, everyone standing and there being no stage for the band to play on. You might catch a glimpse of the artists’ heads through the crowd as they dance but thats about all you will see. Because of the constant demand, BEW is constantly improving on our staging departments’ resources and options. There are several staging approaches we rely on to handle various situations, whether it involves bringing in an automated tractor trailer stage to satisfy limited load in or load out times to flexible understructure systems that can be built on rough and unleveled terrain where trailer stages can’t be set up. Another concern with staging work that has come up recently is safety for performers, crew and audience members. After the number of staging accidents that had been occurring, BEW took a break from a lot of temporary structure work and spent a good deal of time reworking our approaches to stages. Today, a lot of events are overseen by local building inspectors that don’t differentiate between temporary and permanent structures and ensure structures are built to meet various codes. We currently work with engineering firms nationwide to ensure our new stage designs are up to code and safe. Contact us today to find out more about our stock and custom staging solutions.  

Staging Examples

  • ⋅ Event stages
  • ⋅ Runways
  • ⋅ VIP viewing areas
  • ⋅ Access ways
  • ⋅ FOH control areas
  • ⋅ Observation/ spot towers
Ramjam stage build
Fashion fast lane runway
Unbridaled runway

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