Who we are

About the company

company_picBEW Productions was founded in 2007 by Robert Hendry as a small lighting and sound company with the ultimate goal of growing into one of the leading production service providers in the region, as well as being a one stop shop for any services a customer may need. When a customer does an event, they often have to coordinate several companies all providing separate services, but also relying on each others’ services and timeline to provide their service. When working with BEW, the customer only has to interact with one company, freeing up their time to worry about the event at hand, and not spending time organizing logistics and scheduling different companies around each other. BEW has tailored our services and skills over the years to now provide a complete range of production elements including staging, video, rigging, and power distribution. As our business has grown, so has our knowledge and desire to serve our customers better.

One of the interesting aspects of the entertainment industry is that no two jobs are the same. There are always predictable and unpredictable circumstances to every job that often need to be dealt with short notice or instantly. The ideal solution might not always be an option. Sometimes things come up during a show, and the ability to improvise or solve a problem in a timely manner can make or break an event. The customer needs to understand that things happen, but also be comfortable with and trust their vendor that they are working with a company that can handle whatever gets thrown at them. BEW prides itself on our employees’ experience and creative thinking that makes things happen and keeps the show going.


About the owner

owner_picRobert Hendry got his start in the industry during his high school career. Spending time working in the theatre, he started learning the ins and outs of lighting and sound. At the same time, Robert worked as a DJ, spinning at the local schools’ dances. His love of music and the production industry began to intertwine as his production got more elaborate with every gig. Robert began to work for a local rental company where he was able to learn much more by working with a wide variety of equipment every day. While the DJ work started to fade away, side jobs doing lighting and sound for different local events started coming about. While a junior in college and still working for the same rental company, Robert decided that it was time to start a business around this work. He wanted BEW Productions to some day become a resource for anyone seeking production services. “For me, the most rewarding part of this business is the satisfaction you get from it. You get it on so many levels. There’s the instant response, like the cheers from the crowd when you hit a killer lighting effect on time with the music or the chest thumping kick drum coming through a sound system you deployed. Then you get the post show gratification, when you’re talking to an audience member who has no idea you were involved with the show and they are talking up how awesome it looked or how good it sounded. Thats what makes it really worth it for me, and drives me to continue to build my skill set and grow my company to become a leading resource for the industry.”